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Business coaching

A business coach helps with the following:

  • Increase revenue and profits

  • Create clarity about your business and how to maximize profits

  • Manage time wisely

  • Create accountability and sustainable motivation

  • Remove the feeling over being overwhelmed by helping prioritize tasks

  • Help you scale and expand to reach new customers

  • Marketing and business skill enhancement

Meet your coach...

Natasha Washington

As a coach, I personally consider my work a sacred honor. My business doing my work is not a system of on-line entrepreneurship. It is a professional practice in which I uphold the highest personal standards of education, growth, and integrity so that I can best serve my clients. I don't know what impact I have on my clients, or even if I do. My desire is to foster awareness about the growth they desire. if they tell me I have impacted them, I am grateful to have played a part. Coaches are entrusted with others lives. It is our responsibility to uphold the criteria that best serves their needs. ​


for you?

Weekly Power Up Call

These continuous solution-oriented weekly calls are the crux of this program. They offer incredible value, ongoing accountability and strategic support to keep you focused and on track to reach your goals. 

Monthly Coaching Call

trandscendNOW's coaching program is for small business owners that needs assistance from concept to implementation. The coaching will have a discovery call to find out goals and come up with a solid plan to achieve said goals. There is a $250 enrollment fee to join.