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Repair and Boost Your Credit Score

"Power of 24 Financial is very proactive with me and all of my needs and doesn't waste any time working on issues, and is constantly educating their customers on how to keep good credit and how credit actually works. Power of 24 treats me like family more than anything. I would recommend Power of 24 to anybody."

Vandean - May 2022

"I have tried several credit repair services and NONE has been as professional as Natasha and the Power of 24 team. 
With the help of Natasha's vision to help people like me and others, she has put together a great team to assure us all of our success. Thank you so much, Natasha and the Power of 24 Team."

Ligita - June 2022

"This has been the best credit experience I’ve had. I worked with other companies and did get the results I desired. I highly recommend this company if you want to work on your credit and start your financial journey correctly. I’ve already been approved for a mortgage in a short time I am extremely satisfied with my results from working with Power of 24 Financial."

Macpherson - January 2022

Power of 24 Financial— Your Journey to a Higher Credit Score

Everyone deserves a more fulfilling and happy financial life. You'll love Power of 24 Financial, a credit repair community that strives to help you cultivate better credit. Plus, Power of 24 Financial gives you more control, so you can improve your credit score and make it better and better.

Here's what Excellent Credit can do for you...

Increase Your Savings

Save money on security deposits for phone and utility accounts.

Get Approved

Experience a better chance of loan and credit approval.

Lower Interest Rates

Enjoy lower interest rates on loans and credit cards.

Increase Your Score

Increase your credit score, increase your borrowing capacity.

Feel More Secure

Enjoy more negotiating power and access to the credit you need.

Get Qualified

Get qualified for apartments and home loans.

Why Choose Power of 24 Financial?

Money Back Guarantee
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Our Work Is 100%
Money Back Guaranteed

We want you to feel secure in your decision to trust us with your needs. We understand you are in a difficult situation and need somebody you can rely on to help you. If we are unable to remove any derogatory items, update accounts, or build your credit in 180 days AND you have 100% followed our program we will refund ALL your money minus your audit/enrollment fee. No fine print…no catch…100% money back guarantee made simple!

We Help Improve Your Credit Scores By Removing:

How We Can Help You

Collection Accounts

When an account becomes seriously past due, the creditor may decide to turn the account over to an internal collection department or sell the debt to a collection agency. Once an account is sold to a collection agency, the collection account can then be reported as a separate account on your credit report.

Student Loans

Student loan delinquencies can have a major impact on your credit score. Also, if student loans are not consolidated into one account, being late 30 days can result in multiple late payments added to your credit report at once.

Charge - Offs

When a creditor believes that a debt is unlikely to be collected, they can write off this debt as a loss. This type of debt is known as a charge-off. Like a collections account, this usually occurs after an account has significant delinquency.


A repossession typically occurs when there is serious delinquency related to an auto loan. The lien holder will either voluntarily or involuntarily take back the vehicle and report this negatively to the credit bureaus.

Late Payments

Late payments are payments that are at least 30 days behind their scheduled due date. They are reported to the credit bureaus and added to your credit report as 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 days late. Recent late payments can have a high impact on your credit score.

And More!

Foreclosures, Short Sales, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Repossession, Judgments, Personal + More!

Pricing Plans


Credit Repair Consulting & Restoration 

Tired of paying high-interest rates, can’t buy or refinance a home, car loans and credit card rates higher than 20% interest, high car insurance, homeowners insurance rates, and/or need better credit for gainful employment? The truth is your poor credit is costing you tens of thousands of dollars every year.  Enroll with Power of 24 Financial today to begin your journey to better credit.

One-time $249 Audit/Enrollment Fee

$149 Monthly Due Every 30 Days

Credit Consultation Audit

Credit Education

Monthly Progress Reports

24/7 Secure Client Portal Access

Customer Service Support

180-Day Money Back Guarantee*

Join thousands of people who are breaking the credit score threshold.

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