Affiliate Program

Millions of Americans are searching for an answer to their bad credit – be part of helping them find the solution while building your income. Power of 24 Financial offers an opportunity for you to earn money for each individual referral that signs up for our credit restoration services.

If you’re looking for an effective and affordable credit restoration solution to help turn in more loans for you and your company, or simply interested in making extra money on referring business, then look no further than Power of 24 Financial's affiliate program.   

When you’re dealing with something as important as your credit, you don’t just want to refer them to just any credit repair company, you want to refer them to someone that you can trust. good on your side, you. We are not only certified experts in the credit repair field but also experts at helping individuals meet their credit and financial goals. Our clients are everyday people who are struggling with their credit scores and who want to make a change. We offer a simple, 4-step process and tools that make it easy to monitor success along the way.

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By joining the Power of 24 Financial affiliate program, you can promote fantastic services that are not only competitive, but you are be also helping everyday people achieve financial freedom. 

Our Affiliate Program Is As Easy As It Gets:  

 Step 1: Apply to become an affiliate (complete the form below).
 Step 2: Accept our Affiliate Terms & Conditions (Our Affiliate Terms & Conditions provides a comprehensive outline of acceptable and unacceptable practices or our affiliates).
 Step 3: Application Approved (After your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be provided with log-in credentials for your personal affiliate referral portal).
 Step 4: Make Money (For each referral that registers and pays their initial setup fee, you will earn an affiliate referral commission).   


It’s That Simple!  

No long interview process
No time commitment 
No investment required


At Power of 24 Financial, we cater to our Affiliates. With our measurable results, tracking portals, and assignment of a dedicated Agent, you’ll wonder what you did without us. Our dedicated team is committed to your success and we offer competitive commission compensation. Still, have questions? Visit our Affiliate FAQ page.