Affiliate Faq's

Need more information on becoming an affiliate of Power of 24 Financial? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for Affiliates below.

Small Strokes

How much do you pay?

$50 for every person you refer that completes their registration.

Do I get paid twice if a couple enrolls?


When do I get paid?

The Friday following the successful enrollment of referral.

Is there a limit to how much I can make?

No there isn’t, your earning potential is limitless!

What constitutes a completed enrollment?

A completed enrollment will mean that the person you referred will have signed their agreement for service, uploaded all of the required documents to process their file, obtained their credit monitoring service, and paid their registration fee.

How do I get credit for my referrals?

Be sure to tell them to enter your name in the Other box on their registration that says, “Who Referred You”. If they don’t, we will try once more via email after they sign up by sending them an email that specifically asks: “Were you referred by someone? If not, how did you hear about our service?”

How do I keep track of my enrollments?

Your Affiliate Portal you will see a list of all people you have referred that have started the enrollment process.

What if I live in a different state than where you are located?

That is okay