6 places to find help and advice in your local area

When you want to learn more about personal finance, it’s likely that there are some local resources you may not know about. The best way to find this help is to conduct a Google search for "your area personal finance" to see what’s available. Here are some places you can check too.

1. Meetup.com – This local meeting service helps you find all sorts of local interest groups that may include personal financial planning groups, investment groups, and more. As always, be careful about any groups that ask for an investment of money, although sometimes that is still legitimate. But, do your due diligence.

2. Hire a Financial Planner – Most financial planners should be hired locally because of the way they are licensed locally. Look at your local chamber of commerce business list to find a financial planner. Go with one that takes a set fee rather than gets money based on the investments they want you to make.

3. Your Bank or Credit Union – Most banks and especially credit unions offer some form of financial planning and personal finance education. Look at your bank’s website or call them to ask them about the services and solutions that they offer.

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