Where to get government help for personal finance issues

There are many government organizations that are available to assist people and teach them about personal finance issues. This is a small list of your options. Check some of them out.

U.S. Department of the Treasury

Via the U.S. Department of the Treasury, you can go to their financial education resource center to find out what they offer. One of the things they have is MyMoney.gov which is a website that will provide resources for kids, educators, parents, and researchers about personal finance. They have amazing lesson plans for teachers but you can use them for yourself too.


U.S. Department of the Treasury - https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/financial-education/Pages/commission-index.aspx

Lesson plans - https://www.treasury.gov/about/education/Pages/Lesson-Plans-for-Teachers.aspx

The Internal Revenue Website

There is a plethora of financial resources and education right on the IRS website. They especially have lots of education and information about taxes, of course, but they go deeper than that. They include information about credit, life events that can affect your tax liability, and so much more.

The Social Security Website

If you want to learn about social security, everything you need to know is right on the social security website. You can take a course such as Introduction to Social Security. When you go to the site, you can do a search on courses to find out more.

Hire a Financial Planner

The government also maintains a list of approved providers of financial planning at the Department of Justice website, including actual help and courses. If you want to make sure you hire the right person, learn more about credit counseling, debt, and more, you can go here.

Link - https://www.justice.gov/ust/list-approved-providers-personal-financial-management-instructional-courses-debtor-education

The American Library Association

Every year the ALA organization provides financial literacy courses and events so that you can better manage your personal finances. This is a great way to learn more. Some of the courses will be at your personal library, but you can also join webinars online via the ALA.

Link - http://www.ala.org/aboutala/offices/money-smart-week


You can get more financial education at the FDIC website. You can learn more about how banks work, the different types of banks, and more financial education resources that can help you become money smart.

Link - https://www.fdic.gov/consumers/education/


This website has information about saving, investing, managing financing, savings bonds and so much more. And, it’s all provided for free by the US Government. They even have a video about the steps to make a budget.

Link - https://www.usa.gov/saving-investing

Pretty much anything you need to know about personal finance is available via the government if you know where to look. You can become extremely financially literate by taking the courses, reading the booklets, and watching all the videos provided by the government.

Next time, we'll give a list of personal finance courses where you can learn more - both online and offline.