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Why did I establish Power of 24 Financial?

It was a really easy choice honestly. Prior to mortgage lending, I was a REALTOR who set out to help as many families as possible but quickly learned that credit was a killer for dream homes. No matter how many lenders I referred my clients to, the deals were still falling through due to poor credit or their referral partner for credit not assisting the clients to homeownership. A year and a half later, I became a mortgage lender. 🙌🏾

Yes, I had a simulator that allowed me to complete “what if” scenarios for clients and I had them pay off debt instead of disputing with the hopes a deletion letter would suffice. In some instances it did.

However, it still left many denials and heartbreak for future homeowners who honestly weren’t given the right tools to be financially literate in credit. The cons outweigh the pros. I had a decision to make.

I launched Power of 24 Financial to solely assist those who like I was, didn’t understand credit, the nuisances of fixing it, and how to properly utilize other people’s money. I paid for everything CASH! I owned and didn’t owe anyone. Well let me tell you, honey, the bank doesn’t give a damn about your cash. They want to know how you manage what was given to you.

My platform has always been to help those who cannot help themselves.

Yes, you can absolutely fix your own credit. The time it takes you to do it, the knowledge to dispute factually and accurately, and the results are what you pay a reputable company for.

The same way you can cook your own dinner but pay for a chef to prepare those courses is the same way you pay to have it fixed for you. You want convenience, it to be done right, and it to be done efficiently.

💥 We are not a multi-level marketing company. We didn’t get to multiple 6 figure years by pretending we know what we are doing.

💥 We have helped over 180 new homeowners in 2022, assisted over 123 families into new cars, and still growing.

💥 We are privately owned and as a CEO I am constantly getting more education and coming up with ways to better serve our community.

I am not in the business of false promises and weak guarantees that are in direct violation of the CROA, FCRA, or FDCPA. We ARE in the business of service and working to educate and elevate our clients' financial picture.

So dare I ask, how can we serve your credit needs today? Let’s get you your keys 🔑

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